QUIZ: Are you keeping your people safe at work?

A new hire is trained in the warehouseNewly hired employees pose a significantly higher risk of becoming injured on the job. In fact, among MEM policyholders 1 in 3 workplace injuries involve workers who have been on the job less than 12 months. Take this quiz to find out if your newest workers are at risk and how you can protect the financial stability of your business.

How safe are employees in your workplace?

Employee wears safety gloves using laser
Question 1 of 5: Do you talk with new employees about safety, and document when you do it?
Employee uses equipment to lift heavy box
Question 2 of 5: Do you review the safety rules that are in place with your new hires?
Employee wears "safety first" t-shirt
Question 3 of 5: Do you conduct any background checks for your employees?
Employee uses vacuum lift for heavy stone
Question 4 of 5: Do you do drug testing for new hires?
Roofer uses fall arrest system on roof
Question 5 of 5: Do you require all employees to wear safety gear?

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