Safety Success Stories

Putting Safety to Work for You

At Missouri Employers Mutual, we’re Safety Fanatics, and so are our policyholders. They know better than anyone that businesses thrive when they put safety first. Here are four smart businesses that have prioritized safety on their job sites and seen some great results. Safety isn’t always easy, but it always pays off.

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An employee slices a ham

Any Way You Slice it, Safety Comes First

Burgers’ Smokehouse slices more than 750,000 hams every year. How do employees WorkSAFE? By investing in safety. Philip Burger explains.

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Safe lifting photo - Safety Success

Handle with Care: 158 Reasons for Safe Lifting

When Hallmark Stone realized that more than 70 percent of their injuries were from manual lifting, they regrouped the safety team and invested in training and equipment.

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Schatz employees using equipment - Safety Success

Rising Above Workplace Injuries with POET

By testing new employees’ physical capabilities before they start, Schatz Underground has gone from having more than 20 on-the-job injuries in a year to just a handful.

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Penn's owner and employee with truck - Safety Success

The Power of a Dollar: Safety in Wallets

On-the-job injuries were increasing. The solution: show employees that safety pays. A reward program and a few basic safety policies garnered some unbelievable results.

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Six Secrets of Injury-Free Workplaces

Every company has the opportunity to become a safety success story. By implementing these six items, you’re protecting your people and bottom line:

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