Safety Success Stories

Invest in safety and your business.

Our MEM policyholders are Safety Fanatics. They know better than anyone that businesses thrive when they put safety first. These smart businesses have prioritized safety on their job sites and seen the impact on their people, productivity and bottom lines. Safety isn’t always easy, but it always pays off.

Here are some of our latest safety success stories. You can also check out more safety stories and strategies on the WorkSAFE Podcast, and download the free New Hire Safety Toolkit.

Employee sitting at desk

Two-Minute Stretches Improve Ergonomics and Morale

Employees at Eric Scott Leathers craft high-quality leather goods, which can involve repetitive motions and standing for long periods. The company leads a stretching program several times a day to ensure they stay mobile and healthy.

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Window washers clean tall windows

Looking Up with Prism Glasses

The Skweeky Kleen Windows team spends most of the day cleaning windows that are high off the ground. Talk about a potential pain in the neck! Luckily, they have prism glasses to keep their face forward while their focus is stories above.

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Truck driver in safety gear looks on

Safety Culture for Contractors

Safety should be a top-to-bottom priority! Business owners and general contractors are placing more value on safety practices and programs for their subcontractors.

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Doolittle Trailers uses a SawStop to prevent table saw injuries.

SawStop Table Saw Prevents Injuries in Manufacturing

Doolittle Trailer Manufacturing makes 180+ trailer models. Some of them require employees to cut plywood all day long. They're preventing injuries by investing in a SawStop table saw to keep employees safe.

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Hallmark Stone uses a vaccuum lift to protect its employees from strains and sprains.

Safe Lifting Reduces Workplace Injuries

When Hallmark Stone realized that more than 70 percent of their injuries were from manual lifting, they regrouped the safety team and invested in training and equipment.

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Skweeky Kleen Windows uses the latest technology to keep its washers safe.

Safety Technology Keeps a Family-Owned Business on the Cutting Edge

Cleaning windows exposes employees to a variety of risks, like heights and repetitive motions. At Skweeky Kleen Windows, employees use water-fed extension poles, mirrored glasses and more to work with their feet safely on the ground.

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Burgers' Smokehouse uses safe slicing equipment.

Any Way You Slice it, Safety Comes First

Burgers’ Smokehouse slices more than 750,000 hams every year. How do they keep employees slicing safely? By investing in safety equipment. Philip Burger explains.

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Policyholder Craftsmen Industries put safety first.

Putting Safety First Boosts Your Bottom Line

Craftsmen Industries uses an innovative fall arrest system that's mobile and keeps employees focused on their jobs instead of fall risks.

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Schatz employees using equipment - Safety Success

Rising Above Workplace Injuries with POET

By testing new employees’ physical capabilities before they start, Schatz Underground has gone from having more than 20 on-the-job injuries in a year to just a handful.

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Penn's owner and employee with truck - Safety Success

Set in Stone: Formalizing Policies Improves Workplace Safety

On-the-job injuries were increasing. The solution: Make safety simple for employees by clarifying expectations. For Penn's Tow Service, formalizing safety policies garnered some unbelievable results.

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The Saint Louis Zoo uses fire hose to prevent slips and trips in its Orangutan habitat.

Wild About Safety: WorkSAFE Podcast Teaser

The Saint Louis Zoo's mission has three keys: Animals always, people matter, and operational excellence. Safety Coordinator Domini Montgomery explains how they prioritize animal and keeper safety, and how they tackled slip and fall risks in the Sumatran Orangutan habitat.

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